Why Susan Hartman Believes in Offering Knowledge Away

Why Susan Hartman Believes in Giving Knowledge Away

Susan Hartman, Partner at Susan Hartman Consulting, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss team coordination and how giving away knowledge can lead to tremendous growth.

In This Episode:

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Trade secrets. Proprietary knowledge. Non-Disclosure Agreements. Sometimes business can start to feel like a spy movie.

While there are certain aspects of any company that can warrant secrecy, what if there were a business model for sharing information? Susan Hartman of Susan Hartman Consulting says it’s not only possible but that she’s done it.

At Schneider Electric, where she formerly resided as Director of Global Content Marketing, she was a part of a knowledge sharing program called Energy University. What they’ve proven is that by giving away information for no cost, and without a direct brand tie-in, it is possible to see positive growth in not only brand strength and awareness, but in sales as well.

In This Episode

  • Why team cooperation is one of the most critical aspects, and often most significant problems, of marketing for many companies
  • How to coordinate teams to put out exceptional content in effective ways
  • How giving away knowledge can lead to tremendous growth in brand awareness and sales

Quotes From This Episode

You now look at this body of material that’s being offered, and it’s essentially your internal expertise.” —

Sometimes you just really have to convince them and let them believe that you understand what you’re doing.” —


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